On the other side

The darkest nights produce the brightest stars

It hit me deep in my consciousness

I saw the light, yet

Found myself in the darkness

In that moment

I ceased to exist, vanished in oblivion

I heard the founders like everyone else did

They had the light, path already selected

I wandered in that darkness as a lost kid

Had to follow the path they directed

The path they desired

My heart and soul rebelled

Neither do I want their light

Nor do I walk their path already labelled

I gotta fight, would burn for my own light

To walk the path I yearn for

I hereby declare, I am the Hero of my life

Holding the pen to write my own script

With a little more drama in strife

A little more poetry, dance, music all zipped

And a hell lot of bold adventures!

Top writer in Design • Global UX Designer at Expedia

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