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Global UX Designer, Expedia Group

Evolution of typography — survival of the fittest.

Cover page
Cover page

Type is Power

The power to express words and ideas visually. It’s impossible to fathom the power of type.

Just try to imagine a world without type. Are you able to do that? Does it take you back to the early man era? Jumping to some weird sounds and dancing around the fire! Yes, we are just wild animals without type. The type has the power to make us not just humans but civilized humans.

Look at you! You are already leveraging the power of type. How would you even read if there was no type? How would you spam your friends at…

Do you stand bold with the flag that UX Design is nothing but functional? If yes, then it’s time to put that flag dow n, young champ.

A short story

Once upon a time, a young graduate from an engineering college landed into the world of design. His design philosophy was derived from the folks around him who talked nothing but numbers (core engineering branches).

He formed a strong analytical approach to UX design and wanted to live with just black lines and boxes (wireframes). He maintained a strong analytical stance of design to be nothing but usable.

This life would have been fine but he formed another strong approach. And that approach was anti-art.

It was probably because everybody around him considered design to be just colors and clothes…

Let’s understand how your eyes and brain play the magic of perception.

Header Image
Header Image

Ever heard of the Law of Pragnanz?

What about the the Law of Figure-ground?

Any idea about the Law of Closure?

Do they all sound like design jargons to you?

Are you tired of people shouting and throwing these jargons at you every time they defend their decisions?


We are here to rescue you from such design jargons aka “the army of the dead”.

Let’s start with some history. Why history? Because every good story starts with some history and history has beautiful lessons for all of us. Don’t you dare skip it as you did in your high…

Law of conservation of complexity

So far we have covered various UX principles and we only had one prime agenda for the experience of our users — To make their life as simple as possible. But what if I tell you that you can only do this to a point. After that point, you run into a pitfall called oversimplification.

Who was Tesler?

Do you remember this powerful functionality of copy-paste in our devices? Larry Tesler is the co-creator who worked at Apple, Xerox, Amazon, Yahoo and played a significant role in the early graphical interfaces.

14th-century old principle to design a simple UX.

First things first

The first question that would pop up in your head is – what is Occam? Or who is Occam? I know it’s not a conventional name and I have been wondering the same.

William of Ockham lived during the 14th century and he was a logician as well as a theologian. Now in case you are curious to know what is theology, it’s the practice and study of religions and beliefs.

Are you being too creative for your users? — Jakob’s Law

We started with a controversial title. Please allow me to make a few more controversial statements. (Yes! You are kind 🙂)

Your creativity could ruin the sweet experience of users. Your creativity could make them quit!

This could be hard to believe for many of you. Some must be creating designs already wearing the creative hat. And you are being creative because it’s your job to be creative. You are born to be creative.

Isn’t creativity known to solve problems? Then how on this earth is it possible that your creativity could backfire?

Does aesthetics have any role in defining the usability of a product? Aesthetic Usability effect.

Aesthetic usability effect cover
Aesthetic usability effect cover

A lot of weird things happen to us every day. And this gets to another level when you are out with your crazy friends on a trip. Absurdity all around! On one such trip, we spent the entire day driving around the beautiful city and needed to relax in the evening. Sunsets look more beautiful with a glass of wine. So I headed straight for the wine shop with one of my crazy friends.

How UX Designers make their users complete a task?

UX Laws Crash Course Zeigarnik Effect
UX Laws Crash Course Zeigarnik Effect

Hi! How are you doing today? It seems you had a great day so far and it would turn to be even greater day now that you are reading my words. (Heights of narcissism 😉)

So, you are excited now and want to read further. You want to go in detail about the Zeigarnik effect. And you won’t stop for anything less. Great!

But what if I ask you to stop reading this article right now?

What if I ask you to take a break right now?

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