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Top 10 questions about past, present and future of colors.

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Q1. What’s the job of a UX Designer?

You might have a really cool and valid answer for this question (applause for you). But the truth is that the stakeholders around me, be it product managers, be it developers, even designers, most of them assume UX Designer as a creature who deals with just the colors. That UX Designer is an artist with some jute bag of magical paintbrushes and colorful crayons.

No! They are dead wrong.

I’m not going to put some official definition of UX Design here but I need to state that UX Design is nothing less than science. Yes! …

Browsing vs Searching vs Discovery.


Humans in Amazon to Humans on Amazon

It wasn’t long ago from the time-scale perspective that we were hunting in the gigantic Amazon forests for our survival. Humans are naturally hunter-gatherers. We obtained most of our food by the act of foraging. We searched for it! It should be evident that humans are really good at searching. We survived and we are at the top of the food chain.

The journey from making covid-19 resources accessible to everyone to make domain experts accessible to everyone.

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How did it all start?

India was facing the wrath of covid-19 just a few months later after the celebration of new year in 2021 and there was an environment of struggle all around me.

Everyday, I kept receiving texts and calls from my friends to arrange beds in hospitals, medicines, oxygen etc.

And everybody was struggling to find the resources around them.

There were a lot of volunteers who were helping the country in their own way and the way the invested their time and everything is prime example of human empathic humans are.

I tried to contribute in my own way.


The magic of color, contrast, depth, size, and motion.

Movie poster

Disclaimer: You can find a friendly conversational style in my articles and it is intended for the sole purpose of making learning fun.

Just like great magicians, movie directors guide us, particularly our eyes in every frame. We might have an illusion that we are in control while watching a movie, but it is the director that is controlling everything in the story as well as in every single frame.

They are the storytellers and we are just mere observers.

To be objective, there are millions of pixels in every frame. Unless you are a supercomputer or an alien, you…

My relationship with Z-pattern, F-pattern, and my new partner.

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Disclaimer: You can find a friendly conversational style in my articles and it is intended for the sole purpose of making learning fun.

Hey! Before you judge and start throwing rotten tomatoes at me, I deserve a chance to explain myself. Every person is innocent until proven guilty.

Thank you!

Now that you are calm and ready to talk with an open mind, we can have a great conversation.

Just because I’m moving on doesn’t mean that I didn’t love the F-pattern. It’s just that I have found my new love and it makes our lives more meaningful.

Keep reading…

History of Grid systems and their applications in UX.

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Disclaimer: You can find a friendly conversational style in my articles and it is intended for the sole purpose of making learning fun.

Let’s rock and roll then.

This won’t be the first time and this definitely won’t be the last that you come across grids. It’s an amazing concept and it has been saving designers from countless troubles and obstacles they can fall into.

It’s possible that non-designers might not know about it and have never noticed it but it is always there.

Please allow me to start our journey here with these provoking statements…

Evolution of typography — survival of the fittest.

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Type is Power

The power to express words and ideas visually. It’s impossible to fathom the power of type.

Just try to imagine a world without type. Are you able to do that? Does it take you back to the early man era? Jumping to some weird sounds and dancing around the fire! Yes, we are just wild animals without type. The type has the power to make us not just humans but civilized humans.

Look at you! You are already leveraging the power of type. How would you even read if there was no type? How would you spam your friends at…

Do you stand bold with the flag that UX Design is nothing but functional? If yes, then it’s time to put that flag dow n, young champ.

A short story

Once upon a time, a young graduate from an engineering college landed into the world of design. His design philosophy was derived from the folks around him who talked nothing but numbers (core engineering branches).

He formed a strong analytical approach to UX design and wanted to live with just black lines and boxes (wireframes). He maintained a strong analytical stance of design to be nothing but usable.

This life would have been fine but he formed another strong approach. And that approach was anti-art.

It was probably because everybody around him considered design to be just colors and clothes…

Let’s understand how your eyes and brain play the magic of perception.

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(Gestalt Principles)

Ever heard of the Law of Pragnanz?

What about the the Law of Figure-ground?

Any idea about the Law of Closure?

Do they all sound like design jargons to you?

Are you tired of people shouting and throwing these jargons at you every time they defend their decisions?


We are here to rescue you from such design jargons aka “the army of the dead”.

Let’s start with some history. Why history? Because every good story starts with some history and history has beautiful lessons for all of us. Don’t you dare skip it as you did in your high…

Aryan Indraksh

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