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Top 10 questions about past, present and future of colors.

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Q1. What’s the job of a UX Designer?

You might have a really cool and valid answer for this question (applause for you). But the truth is that the stakeholders around me, be it product managers, be it developers, even designers, most of them assume UX Designer as a creature who deals with just the colors. …

Browsing vs Searching vs Discovery.


Humans in Amazon to Humans on Amazon

It wasn’t long ago from the time-scale perspective that we were hunting in the gigantic Amazon forests for our survival. Humans are naturally hunter-gatherers. We obtained most of our food by the act of foraging. We searched for it! It should be evident that humans are really good at searching…

The journey from making covid-19 resources accessible to everyone to make domain experts accessible to everyone.

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How did it all start?

India was facing the wrath of covid-19 just a few months later after the celebration of new year in 2021 and there was an environment of struggle all around me.

Everyday, I kept receiving texts and calls from my friends to arrange beds in hospitals, medicines, oxygen etc.


Do you stand bold with the flag that UX Design is nothing but functional? If yes, then it’s time to put that flag dow n, young champ.

A short story

Once upon a time, a young graduate from an engineering college landed into the world of design. His design philosophy was derived from the folks around him who talked nothing but numbers (core engineering branches).

He formed a strong analytical approach to UX design and wanted to live with just…

Aryan Indraksh

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